Add the new Northland Fishing Tackle Butterfly Blade to your arsenal this season.

Spinner rigging for walleyes has been around since at least the 1920s. The tactic is far from outdated, however. In fact, thanks to a flurry of exciting new products and tactics, it’s deadlier than ever for putting fish in the boat.

Take Northland Fishing Tackle’s flashy new Butterfly Blade , for example. The uniquely shaped, lightweight, poly-carbonate blade rides higher, trolls slower, and produces different colors, flashes and vibrations than traditional metal blades. As a result, the Butterfly doesn’t replace these standard options, it opens up a whole new niche in walleye presentations.

Butterfly blades troll down to 1/4 mph, making them ideal for cold-water applications early and late in the season, and whenever tight-lipped summer walleyes are in a finicky frame of mind.

Butterfly rigs are available in a one- and two-hook configurations, as well as a single-hook Super Death version ideal for slow-death trolling. All rigs feature a 60-inch snell and are available outfitted with either a size 1 or 2 Butterfly Blade. The blades are also sold separately, so you can tie your own harnesses and slow death setups.

Butterfly blades and rigs work wonders with minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers, as well as a variety of artificial trailers. It’s worth noting that these blades aren’t just for natural Midwestern waters. They also catch fish on massive reservoir systems, I’ve found the larger blade option is exceptional on Great Lakes walleyes.

In fact, no matter where you plan to fish walleyes in the season ahead, Northland’s unique new Butterfly blade is a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Based in Walker, Minnesota, noted fishing authority and outdoor communicator Chip Leer operates Fishing the WildSide, For more information look to or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.