I’m stoked to get this new Wildside Podcast off the ground and cannot begin to think of a better person to be guest #1 than John Hoyer.  

If you follow tournament walleye fishing,  National Walleye Tour in particular, you are well aware of who John Hoyer is.   First angler ever to win Co-Angler of the Year title then turn pro, only to go on to be only the second person in history to win 2 NWT events as a pro in the same season.   An intensely aware angler who loves to fish, walleye, bass, muskie or anything with fins. Tournament angling results aside we peal back the human layers in this podcast with John and learn who and what inspired him as his passion of fishing blossomed.  Then we gain insight and understanding of how he continues to push himself as he works to stay one move ahead of the fish. Great insight into tournament tactics and the mental strategy it takes to prevail under intense tournament pressure on the water.  

A Refreshing conversation where John provides an honest straight-forward discussion about his family, growing up the son of a pastor, what that meant as a child and now, in retrospect, as an adult.  Most inspiring is his candid views of family and how he finds life-lessons and inspiration from his Mom and her approach to her health crisis.   

This is a wonderful podcast that reviews mental toughness, finding positive in negative situations, the power of family and keeping our human, sometimes selfish priorities in perspective.  

Looking forward we have a number of star-studded podcast episodes coming your way.  Please subscribe to all platforms so you can choose how to digest the next one. This is our first so should you have ideas of how I can improve moving forward, please email me at XXXXXXX

THANK YOU and enjoy the Wildside Podcast