There is no form of walleye fishing where the rod serves as an extension of your arm more than in vertical jigging. A rod that matches the presentation and conditions at hand provides the ideal blend of control, strength and sensitivity.

Here are three walleye-specific picks from 13 Fishing to get the job done. All feature 36-ton Mitsubishi Rayon Graphite blanks and Kigan 3D ZH guides with SIC inserts, plus extremely comfortable cork and EVA handles.

  1. Casting/Finesse Jigging: Muse Gold 6’ 6” ML Spinning Rod

Rated for 1/8- to 3/8-ounce jigs, this rod also handles 1/16-ounce leadheads with ease. Paired with 4-pound monofilament, the medium-light graphite blank is exceptional for casting small jigs tipped with minnows, without throwing the minnow off the hook. It’s also extremely responsive and sensitive, which are great qualities when you’re retrieving jigs over rocky, snaggy bottoms.

  1. 2. Vertical Jigging: Muse Gold 6’ 6” M Spinning Rod

Vertical jigging is all about feel, so it calls for a slightly different action. This medium blank keeps the rodtip in direct contact with the jig at all times. Even in a moving boat in heavy seas, you know exactly what the jig is doing. It also lets you feel bottom and bites infinitely better than the wrong rods ever will.

  1. Multipurpose: Muse Gold 7/2” ML Spinning Rod
    This well-rounded utility player is a great pick for casting, dragging and snap-jigging with small live-bait jigs or jigs tipped with plastics. Loaded with 6-pound mono, it shines with jigs from 3/8- down to ¼-ounce and lighter. It also works well with split-shot rigs and slip-bobber setups.

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