Yellow perch are a preferred forage species for walleyes, bass, northern pike and other predators in many northern U.S. and Canadian waters, which means matching the hatch with perch-patterned lures is often critical to catching the most fish possible.

To help anglers imitate these tasty baitfish to perfection in all depths and water conditions, LIVETARGET created a complete lineup of Yellow Perch lures—including divers, shallow runners, jointed and soft-bodied swimbait options.

The series is available in three distinctive colorations: natural matte, metallic gloss and florescent matte. Here’s how to choose the right shade of perch to match the conditions and maximize fish awareness.

Natural matte is a great all-around choice, but excels in calm, clear water. It’s a top pick in low to muted light conditions, where the lure’s ultra-realistic profile attracts fish from a distance, without being overbearing.

Metallic gloss features a highly reflective finish that makes the lure more visible to fish in exceptionally clear water and bright conditions. It’s great whenever the underwater world is flooded with an abundance of reflected light.

Florescent matte sports the brightest colors of the three patterns. These eye-catching hues help toothy predators home in on the lure in stained or tannic colored water.

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