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John Hoyer
Professional angler, Muskie and Walleye Tournament Champion.

This is the very first episode of Chip Leer’s Wildside Podcast! It features special guest, Professional Angler and friend, John Hoyer. John pursues fish, period. If it swims he chases it, if there is a tournament to see who can catch the biggest, Hoyer is in. Walleye, Bass, Muskie if it has a fin, he is obsessed with catching it. Yet as a person, he is so much more than a die-hard fisherman. In this inaugural episode we learn about how John Hoyer became who he is today, where he grew up, the family, the moves and how youth experience set up how he approaches each day as an adult. 2019 John set himself apart from all other walleye anglers becoming only the 2nd person in history to win two National Walleye Tour events including the Championship. Those wins combined with his previous successes can arguably list him as the hottest angler on any tournament trail. John and I discusses family, faith and his unique perspective when it comes to his career. We also discuss the tournament industry and options for growth in the future. It’s a personal interview and one that I’m sure you will enjoy the Wildside of John Hoyer.


Hoyer Facebook: HoyerFishing/

Instagram:  Johnhoyerfish