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Despite being one of the youngest pro anglers on the biggest stage in walleye tournament fishing, The National Walleye Tour, Korey Sprengel is the winningest pro angler in NWT history with 5 wins and now the 2020 Angler of the Year title. This episode’s guest is quite possibly the GOAT of walleye tournament fishing, like all-time GOAT…

Korey talks openly about the mind-set necessary to have become the most consistent pro over the last 8 years. How he has overcome competitors watching his every move during pre-fishing the events and keeping decision making fresh on tournament days. We talk tournament preparation, learning new water, expectations and life as a fishing pro.

We talk versatility and tools necessary to know how to outwit walleyes on great lakes, natural lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Learning every technique and adjusting them to fit your style.

Walleye techniques such as jigging, rigging, trolling crankbaits, spinners, casting glide baits pulling planner boards with snap weights to name a few.

EP20 is an insightful episode that exposes that fishing, especially tournament fishing is far more than knowing when, where and how to catch ’em, you have to have the mental toughness to endure.

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