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Pro Angler John Balla is walleye tournament fishing’s unofficial statistician as he keeps records on dozens of fishing tournaments from across North America every year.

From national circuits to larger local events, he accumulates data. He compiles it into to spreadsheets and picks it apart looking to understand seasonal tactics, industry trends, and average fish size on key bodies of water. While also taking notes of names, especially those who keep on top of leader boards determining the most consistent walleye anglers in North America.

This past year JB joined me on the Wildside podcast and we previewed each of the stops on the National Walleye Tour. In this podcast, we discuss what JB learned by reviewing the 2020season. What did it “really”take to best the best on the 2020 NWT. How did they win and did we predict it correctly. What do the most consistent anglers do different to be just that, consistently great. Most interestingly JB unveils his theory on averages.

It’s an eye opener statistically and a strategic game changer for tournament anglers and just may change how you view tournaments as a spectator in the future

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