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Troy has a penchant for getting off the beaten path and documenting his exotic fishing excursions on social media. As an ardent traveler, Troy has had the opportunity to fish the lakes, rivers and reservoirs from the Pacific to the Atlantic, crisscrossing his way through remote regions of North America, to the lakes, rivers and streams of Europe and the Orient.

In the angling community Troy is known as the Wandering Fisherman, possessing the skills necessary to find and catch fish in unfamiliar places. It’s been a life of lessons on simplification of which he embraces today along with his significant other Ann Le, herself a strong advocate of simplicity and self-aware mindfulness. Troy applies these principles in his fishing.

His hard-earned knowledge as well as his observations of resource management and angler access is much different around the world, lessons from a man who travels with a fishing rod in hand. His knowledge on culture and aquatic resources is so deep he himself may be almost unaware how unique his perspective. This is one reason you may find conversation so intriguing.

Troy Lindner’s fishing lineage is strong being the son of the legendary angler Al Lindner and nephew to the recently departed fishing icon, Ron Lindner. He is a working family member within the Lindner Media organization with primary gig being a TV host on Angling Buzz, The Ontario Experiencem and Fish Head TV.

When this episode was recorded, Ron Lindner passed away just a couple weeks prior, we humbly honor his legacy in discussion

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