Project Description


James Lindner
Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame, Tournament Champion and co-host of Lindner’s Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV, CEO of Lindner Media Producitons.

Rarely do you get a perspective as we gain in this episode with James Lindner.  Growing up surrounded by innovative cutting-edge anglers on the forefront of the outdoor media wave.  What was it like growing up Lindner, what drives a man who has literally had opportunity to fish all over the globe.  Insight on what it’s like to drive the ship at Lindner Media one of the largest outdoor media production companies in the world.  We explore how he views technology and how it has helped or hindered the outdoor experience.  His viewpoints on high school and college fishing.  What do we have left to learn as anglers and so much more.  Join us as we peal back a layers and learn who James Lindner is and his unique perspective of sport fishing. I’m sure you will enjoy the Wildside of James Lindner.