Project Description


Steve Quinn
Fisheries Biologist, NY,NY born & raised, 30 years with In-Fisherman Communications as TV host, magazine web content editor.  National Freshwater Fishing HOF and MN Fishing HOF Angler.

Steve and I discuss an article he has just written and released along with Ron & Al Lindner of Lindner Media about the effects of Barotrauma on freshwater fish and the potential harm anglers are causing fish catching & released from them from depth.   It’s an eye-opening fact-filled discussion about what we thought we knew and what we need to know.  How as anglers we can protect the species we love to chase and can we safely pursue them in deep water.   We get first-hand thoughts from the original  “scientific-angler”  on climate change, changes in our fisheries and angler habit transformations over his distinguished career.  He also provides us some glimpse into the mind of a true bass head and what drives this pursuit.  Away from fishing, Steve provides us how he balances his life and the pride alongside his Hall of Fame career.  It’s a good mix of science and personal life that you will never see on TV, nor learn from written word.  I’m sure you will enjoy the Wildside of Steve Quinn….

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